In Memoriam-Farah W. Tamari


Farah W. Tamari

Farah W. Tamari, the youngest of the Tamari brothers was born in Yaffa Palestine, in 1926. Farah began working with his older brother Abdallah in the family business after he finished secondary school in Ramallah in 1943. Abdallah remembers fondly of his brother that “he was such a serious soul, that worked incredibly hard. He drove all the way from Yaffa to Jerusalem every evening to Law School and came back in the mornings to be present for work, and never missed a beat. He was a courageous worker, with a big picture view of business, and he made everyone around him a success. He was generous and never turned down a single request .”

After leaving Yaffa, Farah chose to make his home in Amman, Jordan, and assisted by a school friend of his, opened a branch of his father’s company Wahbé Tamari & Sons co. as a distributor of food stuffs such as cereals, grains, coffee, sugar, canned goods and tea. He went on to begin his own business as well, eventually owning the largest flower mill in Jordan, The Amman Grand Flower Mill becoming one of the foremost traders in Jordan of his day.

Through his success, he gave generously to meet the needs of others and with his brothers Abdallah and Ludwig, opened the Wahbe Tamari School in Amman in 1973.

In memory of his brother, his strength, vision, courage and generosity, the Abdallah W. and Samia Tamari Foundation has opened a fund in the name of Farah W. Tamari, giving to projects within Palestine and Jordan where his heart and home remained, and where, he was in his life, a light to society.

In honor of him, we hope to create an impact on the lives of the people and nations, he loved so dearly.