Foundation Protocol

Please note, the Tamari Foundation will not accept or review unsolicited applications.

You must be invited to apply.

All applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s board during the annual meeting in September and acceptance will be at the discretion of voting members.

All grantees will be asked to sign a social contract which outlines the basic vision and character our Foundation seeks to uphold.

It is important for us that during the time we financially support our grantees, that they uphold basic standards and principles of ethics and conduct that are part of our mission statement.

Due diligence and proper processes are of utmost importance to our Foundation and all applications must fall into appropriate categories fulfilling basic requirements as per the below:

The Foundation Itself Will Not:

  1. Field requests in which basic information documents cannot be completed to the Foundation’s discretionary satisfaction.
  2. Field requests until financials of the grant seeker are vetted to the Foundation’s discretionary satisfaction.
  3. Continue investing if a project or grantee is unable to provide quarterly updates or if project rationale has changed
  4. Work with institutions or partners which are not able to provide budgets and detail to the Foundation’s discretionary satisfaction.
  5. Make financial transfers unless account verification can be provided to the Foundation’s discretionary satisfaction.
  6. Continue supporting projects which do not notify the foundation of changes to programmes etc.
  7. Continue funding projects that cannot fulfill stated grant requirements to the Foundation’s discretionary satisfaction.

The Tamari Foundation board will meet on a quarterly basis to periodically review projects and reserves the right to terminate relationship at any point should basic requirements not be fulfilled to its discretionary satisfaction, such termination shall not entail under any circumstances any compensation of whatsoever nature by the Foundation.