Family Legacy

Wahbé Tamari

Our story begins in Yaffa, Palestine, with our grandfather Wahbé, a young trader at the turn of the previous century who refused to believe that the status quo was merely something to be accepted, but instead, something to be challenged. He understood as a family man, that in such rapidly changing times, he had a responsibility to his community, and society at large.

Education and personal responsibility were thus also impressed deeply within the heart of our father, Abdallah W. Tamari who vividly recalls that his father used to go about with a handkerchief collecting money from the local families in order to be able to pay the teachers at kindergarten when the community did not have enough to pay them properly.

From setting out to publish his own newspaper to address the political issues of the day more frankly, to influencing the church in Jerusalem, he did not remain silent in tumultuous times, nor did he allow the needs of others to go unnoticed. His character was one that believed that one should not wait for others to do, what he could himself provide or do. And this has become a strong defining line within the family ethos in successive generations.

In remembering our history we remember those who cut the path before us and forged the vision for what it is to live not merely for oneself, but to live in the service of others knowing that it is only by grace alone that we all stand.