About Us

Khalil Bey Akl

Samia Tamari was born of Lebanese origin to a strong legacy of leaders. Her grandfather Khalil Bey Akl taught her that in life, it is not only to give, but to have the clarity of vision to see the people and the problem that exists and to feel through empathy what people endure, allowing one to offer help through educated understanding. Her family taught her that  it is critical to give not only in financial ways, but with compassion and grace, through intangibles which help others to build and grow as whole humans.

The Tamari Family

She continued in raising her own family in this belief and passion, saying of Abdallah “my husband is exceptional because he is complete in his person……he gives without counting in both finance and in the intangibles….I love his optimism, he is courageous, without fear and has surmounted his own obstacles and dark times with unyielding faith and has never, ever stopped believing in the fundemental good of people”.

Samia and Abdallah W. Tamari built this Foundation, in hopes of touching lives in real ways, and meeting people along their journeys where they are, to bring blessings and hope through compassion and thanksgiving.

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