About Us

Samia and Abdallah W. Tamari

Abdallah W. and Samia Tamari created this Foundation out of a personal passion and vision for active philanthropy which they both experienced in a deeply rich way within their education and upbringing.

Abdallah W. Tamari, originally from Yaffa, Palestine, shares his memories and history with quiet reverie, recounting how the Tamari’s have seen through the generations, the pain of political turmoil having to build again with determination, a new life, when circumstances regionally became dark. However, it was optimism, hope, and faith which got him up every day to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances having to leave their beloved homeland, and to succeed regardless, hand in hand with his father and brothers.

It is because of deep, rich blessing and goodness in his own life that he feels a strong desire to do for others with open heart and hand. He quotes from memory the poem by Rudyard Kipling-IF with the final lines clear with conviction: ” If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch……then you will be a man my son…”

His passion is to give, generously from a humility, knowing that every human is precious, and every soul a possibility.